Why Choose MGM Automated Doors?

Halifax Door Depot uses SafedoorPM, a planned maintenance and safety compliance program designed specifically for commercial doors. We use the program to do a better job maintaining your door systems. Even though overhead door systems are very common, they are almost always overlooked as safety hazards, even in organizations with excellent safety and equipment maintenance programs. But this oversight can have catastrophic consequences as commercial overhead doors are heavy, hang high in the air, are dynamic, and often operate in building openings where there is pedestrian traffic.

  • During a SafedoorPM, we will inspect, check, lubricate, tighten, balance, and test your doors, operators and safety accessories. All mechanical and structural elements, settings, and controls will be assessed and graded. We’ll pay special attention to safety devices to ensure your doors are correctly configured, and that all safety devices are functioning properly.
  • We’ll provide you with detailed inspection records that clearly identify any corrective work needed to address critical safety hazards or operational problems. Any corrective service work will proceed only with your authorization. Quotations and estimates are provided.
  • To ensure your doors remain properly cared for, we’ll recommend an ongoing PM schedule, keep track of the PM calendar, and contact you as the next PM interval approaches.
  • All of your PM records will be securely stored on SafedoorPM’s cloud-based Customer Portal, where you can access them 24/7.

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